U.S. M1917 Brodie Helmet with Liner WWI Reproduction

Our U.S. M1917 Brodie Helmet is a reproduction of a 1917 WWI helmet. The steel shell is made from 18 gauge steel. The U.S. M1917 Brodie Helmet, commonly known as the "Doughboy Helmet," is an iconic piece of military history that played a crucial role during World War I. The helmet was named after its designer, John L. Brodie, a British engineer, and had a profound impact on the protection and identity of soldiers on the battlefield.

Key Features:
* M1917 helmet shell
* New paint – textured
* 18 Gauge Steel
* Swivel chinstrap loops
* Leather Infantry chinstraps (with brass hardware)
* Adjustable M1917 helmet liner
* One Size Fits Most

The M1917 Brodie Helmet was developed in response to the inadequacies of the previous M1915 helmet, which did not provide sufficient protection for the wearer. John L. Brodie, working in collaboration with the British War Office, designed a helmet that featured a shallow, bowl-shaped steel shell with a wide brim to protect the wearer's head from both direct impact and shrapnel.

The United States entered World War I in 1917 and quickly recognized the need for improved head protection for its soldiers. The M1917 Brodie Helmet was adopted by the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) and became the standard issue helmet for U.S. troops during the war. The U.S. version of the Brodie Helmet differed slightly from the British original, featuring a pressed "rainbow seam" around the crown.

The distinctive shape of the Brodie Helmet became a symbol of the "Doughboy" – the affectionate nickname for American infantrymen during World War I. Its design was simple yet effective, offering enhanced protection without sacrificing comfort. The M1917 Brodie Helmet continued to be used by U.S. forces in subsequent conflicts, including World War II, the Korean War, and even into the early years of the Vietnam War.

The M1917 Brodie Helmet's design laid the foundation for subsequent military helmet designs. Its enduring legacy can be seen in the evolution of modern combat helmets, which prioritize both protection and practicality.
Collectibility and Historical Significance:

Today, the M1917 Brodie Helmet is highly sought after by collectors and historians. Its distinctive appearance and historical significance make it a prized artifact that symbolizes the sacrifices and heroism of the soldiers who wore it during the tumultuous days of World War I.

The U.S. M1917 Brodie Helmet stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of its time and the ongoing quest for effective and practical military equipment. Its iconic design and historical legacy make it a cherished piece of military history that continues to capture the imagination of collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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