German WWII M40 Field Grey Wool Trousers 803201

Our German WWII M40 Field Grey Wool Trousers are Reproduction Pants of the German uniform WWII M40 Pants issued to Heer (Army), Waffen SS and Luftwaffe ground units. These trousers have the earlier straight ankles and suspender buttons. Made from excellent quality heavy field gray wool in the correct color.

The M40 trousers include: watch pocket, hand tacked lining, corded keyhole button holes, and correct dished buttons.

Marked in metric sizes, we've made the conversion to regular US sizes. All inseams 32". Pants are loose fitting and high waisted.

* Thick Wool Fabric
* Correct Color
* Hand Tacked Lining
* Corded Button Holes
NOTE: For the correct measurements, measure around your belly-button

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