Olde World and Fantasy Pipes

Below you will find pipes that recall memories of Olde World and Fantasy films. Perfect for your mantelpiece, costume accessory, or for your personal pleasure.

We use of a vast array of the highest quality exotic woods and materials from around the world, the artisans skillfully craft and carve each pipe with the highest quality standards and attention to detail.

Please Note:

All Pipes carry a 6 month warranty against defectiveness.

Cameroon Pipe

Cameroon Pipe 30-2323
The Cameroon Pipe's bowl is carved out of Extra grade Briar wood. The stem is crafted from Zebra wood and detaches for easy cleaning. The Cameroon pipe is named after the area in which this exotic wood originates.
Price: $169.00

Carved Wooden Peace Pipe

Carved Wooden Peace Pipe,Wooden Pipe
Our Native American Peace Pipe is handcrafted from wood and ideal for display. These quality, historically accurate wooden pipes come with ceramic bowls and are fully functional.
Price: $12.95

Cornucopia Pipe

Cornucopia Pipe 30-2222
The Cornucopia Pipe's bowl is crafted from Extra grade Briar wood and comes with a beautiful Ziricote wood stem.You will fall in love with this pipe the moment you hold it.
Price: $149.00

Dwarf Pipe

Dwarf Pipe,Renaissance Churchwarden
The Dwarf Pipe comes with a detachable stem for easy cleaning and a pre-carbonized bowl to protect the wood.
Price: $59.95

Ebony Outdoor Pipe

Ebony Outdoor Pipe 30-2424
The Ebony Outdoor Pipe is crafted from extra extra grade Briar. The stem is carved from Ebony wood and detaches for easy cleaning. Its rustic character makes it an ideal companion for the Great Outdoors.
Price: $199.00

Functional Russet Pipe

Russet Pipe 30-303
Our Russet Pipe is only 8 1/2"in length, the smallest in this series. Its compact, ball-shaped bowl is ideal for those who prefer their experience "short and sweet".
Price: $44.00

Halfling Pipe

Halfling Pipe
The Halfling Pipe comes with a detachable stem for easy cleaning and a pre-carbonized bowl to protect the ash wood. This classic Churchwarden style pipe is a decorative piece which can be used.
Price: $46.95

Hampels Pipe

Hampels Pipe 30-2121
The Hampels Pipe's bowl is carved out of extra extra grade Briar wood. The detachable stem is crafted from Tulip wood. This wood has a flame like pattern with colors that range from a deep red to a bright yellow.
Price: $129.00

Ranger Pipe

Ranger Pipe 30-1313
Our Ranger Pipe is made from premium Cherry wood. Perfect for a gift or for yourself.
Price: $82.00

Ranger Pipe and Stand Set

Ranger Pipe and Stand Set 30-1313SET
Our Ranger Pipe and Stand Set is made from premium Cherry wood and comes with a faux rock stand. Perfect for a gift or for yourself.
Price: $82.00

Ranger Rock Stand

Ranger Rock Stand 30-1316
This Ranger Rock Stand is a realistic stone sculpture made of clay and is finished to look a rock. Complete with realistic moss and a felt base to protect the finest surfaces. This stand makes for a very impressive desk ornament.
Price: $18.00

Wizard Pipe

Wizard Pipe,Gandalfs Pipe,Lord of the Rings pipe,Collectible pipe,Cherry wood pipe,Briar wood pipe,LOTR pipe,Chruchwarden Pipe
The Wizard Pipe conjures up images of robed wizards contemplating the mysteries of the ages.
Price: $89.00
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