Hunter's High Collar - Leather

Survive the Wasteland in Style with the Hunter's High Collar - Leather

In the desolate wasteland, where every breath is a battle against toxic winds and unknown dangers, Saundra navigates the abandoned mine, clad in the protective and fashionable Hunter's High Collar. Inspired by the grim aesthetics of the Bloodborne game, this accessory serves as more than just a piece of attire—it's a statement of survival and style in a post-apocalyptic world.

Legend of Saundra:
Caught in a hot wind carrying toxic dust, Saundra shields her face with the high collar, not just for style but for survival. Armed with a crowbar, she scavenges for fuel in barrels, determined to escape the dangers of the wasteland before nightfall. The Hunter's High Collar is not just a garment; it's a symbol of resilience in the face of an unforgiving world.

Key Features:
Versatile Design: This high collar extends to cover the neck and shoulder, offering protection against the harsh elements. It can be buttoned to conceal most of the face, allowing wearers to adapt their appearance based on the environment and desired aesthetic.

Inspired by Bloodborne: Drawing inspiration from the captivating visuals of Bloodborne, this accessory merges elegance with rugged mystery, creating a versatile look suitable for various LARP activities, from post-apocalyptic settings to diesel punk or classic medieval fantasy.

Adjustable and Stylish: The collar's easy-to-adjust snap buttons provide flexibility in styling, allowing wearers to leave it open for a casual look or closed for a more guarded appearance. The finishing touches and leather layer disposition may vary, adding a unique touch to each piece.

Characteristics and Materials:
* The collar can be left open or closed based on the desired look.
* Unique finishing touches and leather layer disposition make each piece distinctive.
* Neck Circumference: 58 cm (22.8")
* Materials: Pressure buttons, supple leather (5-6 oz / 2mm)
* Handmade Excellence in Canada:

Crafted with precision and care, the Hunter's High Collar is handmade in Quebec, Canada, by Les Artisans d'Azure. Each piece reflects the dedication to quality and the artistry required to survive and thrive in the harsh landscapes of both fantasy realms and post-apocalyptic wastelands.

Equip yourself with the Hunter's High Collar and step into a world where survival meets style, where every piece of attire tells a story of resilience and determination in the face of the unknown.

Please note: Collar only, other items sold separately

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